Communication reliability between systems is imperative for the development of the ever-advancing technological revolution. The new age will undoubtedly be more complex. Signal integrity, as well as noise susceptibility reduction, is expected to be vital for its performance. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) will prove paramount to the successful adoption of new systems, as it has in many years past.
The Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility (APEMC) was founded in May 2008. After the great success of EMC Zurich held in Singapore in 2006, board discussion commenced and as a result, APEMC was established. APEMC aims to share advances in all aspects of research conducted into EMC and respond to the latest requirements by networking with the international EMC community. We invite all engaged in the latest research and development of the various fields of EMC to participate in the APEMC 2021 symposium. IEEE EMC Society is a technical sponsor of APEMC 2021.
APEMC2021 will be held from the 25th to 28th May 2021 27-30 September 2021 in Bali, Indonesia. Indonesia has demonstrated rapid development in many aspects in recent years which have proven its capabilities to survive world economic crisis especially in the wake of the 4th industrial revolution. The APEMC2021 symposium will be an event like none other showcasing cutting edge research. Bali is nestled amongst the idyllic paradises in Indonesia with a unique culture and various amazing natural tourist attractions. With the blend of the latest technological developments and rich Indonesian culture, as well as the romantic atmosphere and inherent relaxing natural landscapes, unique and exciting experiences await you.

Dwi Mandaris
Chair of APEMC 2021 Local Organizing Committee